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Public Announcement From Seun Kuti Late Fela’s Son

Public Service Announcement From Seun Kuti: Something has got to give. This evil people do not know the meaning of sacrifice. They have no love and most of all they are LAZY!! They are LAZY!! BRING EDUCATION, LAZY. BRING HEALTHCARE, LAZY, BRING SOMETHING, ANYTHING GOOD LAZY! I mean these Lazy negroes have been constructing Lagos Ibadan expressway since I was born!! 36 years no completion but when it’s time to BRING HARDSHIP on the people, come see supermen. Now now now now everything don set dem don make announcement. Ajaokuta steel company! That one na like 40 something years. Refinery nko? Know that niger republic built one in 6 months how big is this our biggest one na wey don take how many years now? TOO LAZY TO BE RESPONSIBLE. TOO LAZY TO BE GOOD. TOO LAZY TO BE LEADERS AND TOO LAZY TO EVEN CARE!!

Published by aspatagency

We are into Real Estate,Land speculation and also we construct your dream home

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