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Port Harcourt serial killer says he took the lives of 9 women before he was stopped.
Gracious David West of Port Harcourt, south of Nigeria, has confessed to luring women to hotel rooms, having sex with them, robbing them at knife point; before proceeding to end their lives with white cloths tied round their necks.
News of a serial killer on the loose in Port Harcourt gained traction in September of 2019 after a couple of ladies were found lifeless in hotels across the city.
West was arrested soon after and began singing like a canary in police custody.
Back in September, West said he has killed seven women –one in Lagos, one in Owerri, and five in Rivers State.
West had said at the time: “So far, I have killed five girls in Port Harcourt; one in Owerri, and another in Lagos. I started the killing in Lagos. I took N52,000 from the bank account of the first girl I killed in Lagos. Thereafter, I went to Port Harcourt, then to Owerri, and later returned to Port Harcourt.
“After I killed a girl, I collected her phone and sold it at Waterlines and the MTN office (in Port Harcourt). I met the last girl at a club in Port Harcourt.”
Nine victims
Arraigned on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at the Rivers State High Court, West stunned a packed courtroom when he said he had killed nine women before he was caught.
He also pleaded not guilty to attempting to kill his 10th victim on September 18, 2019.
West’s lawyer, Vincent Chukwu, said his client’s guilty plea is not enough to convict him of the crime.
“The offence in question is a capital offence; whether my client did it or not, the presumption is that the prosecution must still prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. So, it is not for the defendant to just say I am guilty and liable and it ends there.
“Because the punishment is death, the burden is now on the prosecution to go ahead and prove its case and we are waiting for it.
“My client has a very plausible defence, which we shall open at the appropriate time. We had fruitful deliberations with him on Monday and we hope for the best in the matter,” Chukwu said.
Justice Enebeli of the Rivers High Court ordered that West be remanded in a correctional facility and adjourned the case to November 18, 2019, for hearing.

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