Donald Trump’s walk of fame star vandalized with graffiti

President Donald Trump’s walk of fame star was recently vandalised again

  • The angry American who destroyed the star was captured on video spray painting the words Putin’s b’itch on the star
  • Reports reveal that it happened in the early hours of November 13
    Yet another angry American has vandalised Donald Trump’s walk of fame star again. It was gathered that the star vandaliser walked casually towards the star and spray painted the words ‘Putin’s b’itch” on the star and it was apparently captured on video.
    Since he won the elections, Trump’s star has been the target of many vandalisation attacks, reflecting how some Americans feel about their 45th president.Though the star often gets cleaned up, it gets vandalised sooner than later. The most recent attack however also shows that most Americans still believe that Trump is an ally of Vladimir Putin, Russian’s president and not in a good way.

Luckily, Americans enjoy a high level of freedom of expression and while they can get in trouble for destroying public property, they have a system that sustains their democracy in which the number person cannot thwart.

Trump’s star has been the target of a bunch of attacks since he won the election.

Chika Ofili: 12-year-old UK-based Nigerian gets special recognition award in maths

A 12-year-old Nigerian Chika Ofili has really made the nation proud as he did what many his age could not achieve.
He won an award at the TruLittle Hero award over the weekend for discovering a new way to divide in mathematics.

The young mathematician genius’ new formula created a new divisibility by seven in mathematics.
Meanwhile,We report that Lwandle, a 12-year-old ballet dancer from Eswantini (also known as Swaziland), started out when she was nine .
In an interview, the kid dancer said she likes ballet because it instills a sense of discipline and gives her confidence.
She said what motivated her to keep practicing ballet is because her teacher, Velile, is always posting her sessions on social media where she sees how she exudes her skills.
Lwandle said in their dancing class, they are always prepared for the morning routine with warm-up exercises.
The girl dancer said one of the successes she has gotten was going the United States. She added that in all the competitions she went for, she got a lot of medals. In parting words, she said she feels other kids have to do ballet because it is a hobby that inspires happiness.


Fans of legendary pop icon, Michael Jackson, have been left stunned over the recent revelation of a lookalike of the late pop star

  • The lookalike identified as Sergiocortesparra on Instagram has had fans demanding he undergoes a DNA test to prove he is not the late pop king
  • Sergi appears to be enjoying the attention he is getting from the legend’s fans and has asked that they come to watch him perform
    A singer who calls himself Sergio Cortés and shares a striking resemblance with the late pop icon, Michael Jackson, is getting a lot of attention on social media.
    According to reports, Cortés has fans of Jackson demanding a DNA test to prove that he is not the late pop star. Not only does Cortés share a disturbing resemblance with late Michael Jackson, but he also puts in efforts to have the same appearance and style as the late singer.

Interestingly, he is holding a “Man in the Mirror’ concert and has asked Michael Jackson’s fans to come to watch him perform. Many are bracing themselves for the experience and believe that the similarity to their late beloved singer is too uncanny to be ignored.
It is why they are now demanding a DNA test to prove that Michael is not back and starting to pass off as someone else.


Ricardo Marques Ferreira, a celebrity hairdresser, has been stabbed to death in a Swiss hotel room.
Ferreira, revealed by Portugal’s tabloid Correio da Manha to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairdresser was identified as the murder victim.
Reports say his body was found by a cleaner at a business hotel in Zurich’s Albisrieden neighbourhood around 2pm on Friday, November 1, 2019. Mr. Ricardo was found in bed with multiple stab wounds.
The celebrity hairdresser nicknamed Caju had been living in Zurich for the past two years and had been staying at the hotel where he was killed for around a week, according to Mail Online.

Police have since arrested a 39-year-old suspect who is understood to be a Brazilian national. Authorities described the scene as ‘horrific’ , with reports the room he was in, smelt intensely of alcohol.

Recall in September 2015, Ricardo Marques Ferreira from the island of Madeira shared a photo on social media of him putting the final touches to the Cristiano’s look during a photo-shoot.
Portuguese media reports say he also worked with models and Portuguese actresses as well.


Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Ibrahim Magu, is lamenting that mothers of suspected internet fraudsters (popularly referred to as Yahoo Boys in street parlance) have formed an association to burnish the reputation of their children and provide them ample moral support.
“We are looking at how we can rehabilitate the Yahoo Boys; these are young boys, who have graduated, who are in the university. We want to see how we can sensitise them; how we can make them know that the Yahoo Yahoo business is wrong,” Magu said during an interactive session with stakeholders in Lagos on Thursday, October 31, 2019.
“And we are also appealing to their mothers. The parents of these children, they have actually formed an association of Yahoo Yahoo Mothers’ Association – Yes; they are there – Association of Mothers of Yahoo Yahoo Boys.

Nigerian internet fraudsters dubbed “Yahoo Boys” post fake profiles on gay dating sites then force the victim to pay money for their silence (AFP)

“Some of them will say the father did not do anything; these boys came, demolished the house and put up a new structure. If you see the cars that we have recovered, you will think that we are in the car business. These are all Yahoo Yahoo. All brands of cars – Jaguar, Rolls Royce,” Magu added.
Auctioning Diezani’s jewelry
Magu also said some of the proceeds of corruption, especially those retrieved from the homes of former Petroleum Resources Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke,
will be auctioned at the right price.
“We want to make sure that there’s transparency in the process. Like what we’re doing now in Port Harcourt. There are about 242 trailers and tankers that we are about auctioning. In fact, in the next two weeks, we will auction them. We will advertise, you will see it very clearly,” he said.
“The idea of selling recovered proceed of crime for peanuts is bad. This time around, we are not going to tolerate it.


A mother of 3 identified as Shaketha Marion McGregor on Facebook has been hailed after she took to the social media platform to narrate how she created household jobs and made her kids to apply to get allowance monies.
Shaketha who decided to teach her children an important lesson about money, explained that she had decided to stop giving her them their allowance whenever they nagged her for it, and instead teach them that money is earned.

She facilitated her lesson by hosting a hiring event in her home, where her children were invited to apply for “jobs” around the house, jobs such as kitchen manager, laundry supervisor and lead housekeeper. They would then be paid salaries for these jobs in the form of their allowances.

A number of other parents took to the comments section of her posts to hail the idea as brilliant, and shared that they were thinking of implementing it in their own homes


A Lebanese identified as Hamza Koudeih and two others, suspected accomplices of Dubai-based Nigerian social media celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha a.k.a Mompha, has been arrested by The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
The EFCC arrested Koudeih after a three-hour stand-off at his N1.8 billion luxury apartment in the 33-storey Eko Atlantic Pearl Tower, Victoria Island, Lagos. It was learnt that he and his wife refused opening the door to their apartment and also refused responding to appeals by the building’s chief security officer.
The suspect who alongside Mompha and other arrested suspects are allegedly kingpins of a network of cyber criminals who laundered N33 billion through three firms, lived in an apartment which was fortified with triple reinforced fire-proof door and closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, making it difficult for the operatives to gain entrance.
However after EFCC operatives gained access into the apartment after trying to break down the door with breaching tools, his wife claimed that her husband had escaped through the window even though they lived in the topmost floor.

Koudeih was found hiding in the ceiling and a fire-proof safe containing different charms and talismans in calabashes was uncovered after a search was conducted in his bedroom.

“Our officials knew that he was still inside and they were even hoping to persuade him not to jump out through the window because it would be suicide,” EFCC Lagos Zonal Head, Mr. Mohammed Rabo, who confirmed the arrest, told The Nation.

Two luxury cars were recovered from the suspect who claimed the charms were his “prayer objects”.
Koudeih and his wife’s immigration status are currently being investigated. ;ocal and international law enforcement agencies are said to have indicated interest to collaborate in the investigation.
Rhe Lagos zonal head of the EFCC, Mohammed Rabo said the operation that led to Koudeih’s arrest was “an offshoot of the collaboration between the EFCC and the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” but that Koudeih was arrested based on “purely EFCC intelligence”.
Rabo added: “Actionable intelligence received from local and international law enforcement agencies had revealed that Koudeih and Mompha alongside their collaborators are high valued targets in Organised Cyber Syndicate Network (OCSN).
“Investigations have also revealed that Mompha uses a firm known as Ismalob Global Investments Limited to perpetrate about N14 billion money laundering while Koudeih also operate two firms namely: THK Services Limited and CHK properties Limited to launder about N19 billion.”
An update on Mompha’s arrest also revealed that 51 bank accounts he allegedly uses for money laundering has been uncovered. The five wristwatches recovered from him after his arrest on Tuesday October 22, has been found to be worth over N60 million rather than the N20 million earlier thought.


A beautiful woman in Congo has allegedly been killed through poisoning masterminded by her own friend after she was promoted at work.
The heartbreaking story was shared by a social media user who revealed the deceased and her friend worked at the same company but the latter became envious moment after her friend was promoted.
From the report we sampled, the lady has been arrested and standing trial for murder which she has vehemently denied.
The other lady has since been buried, photos of have flood the internet.

BBNaija Winner Mercy Now Owns A Four Bedroom Apartment

This was made possible by real estate mogul, Ned Okonkwo, who made the house extremely affordable for her

  • Photos of Mercy receiving the keys to her new home have since gone viral on social media
    Winner of the Pepper Dem edition of BBNaija, Mercy Eke, continues to prove to many people that she is indeed a child of grace.
    She recently acquired her first home and is now a proud owner of a four bedroom duplex at the Victoria Crest Homes, in Lekki Lagos.
    The purchase was made possible by real estate mogul, Ned Okonkwo, who made the house extremely affordable for her.


LOS ANGELES – Eddie Murphy is suddenly everywhere again bringing the laughter. Just don’t call it a comeback.
The 58-year-old comedian is stepping up on the big screen in grand 1970s pimp attire as real-life comedy pioneer Rudy Ray Moore for “Dolemite Is My Name” (in theaters Friday in New York, Los Angeles and Memphis before streaming on Netflix Oct. 25). The movie’s roll-out is accompanied by a barrage of high-profile entertainment events that have Murphy fans giddy.
There’s his return to “Saturday Night Live” as host on Dec. 21 before Murphy undertakes a national stand-up comedy tour for the first time in three decades. The laughs continue with a sequel to 1988’s “Coming to America,” set for a 2020 release.
Review: Eddie Murphy’s ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ is his greatest-hits role, and we are here for it
Prolific fatherhood: Eddie Murphy welcomes his 10th child, a baby boy Max, with Paige Butcher
Impressive, yes. But the chilled-out Murphy insists it’s all about finally pushing himself off the supremely comfortable couch longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher had specially built for him at home, on which he has luxuriated for the last six years or so.
“People are saying, ‘You’re back! It’s a comeback!’ ” says Murphy, going to into excited fan voice while sitting beside his “Dolemite” and “Coming 2 America” director Craig Brewer. “I’m like, no, I’m not trying to do a comeback. I’ve just been enjoying sitting on the couch so much. A few years ago, I was like, ‘I could sit on this couch and stay here watching ‘Little Women: LA’ and their exploits.’ “
“Dolemite” provided the dynamite that sparked the push off the couch to the stage. The feel-good biopic about Moore’s efforts to break into outrageous comedy and low-budget movies was a natural segue into more humor – certainly more than his last film, the little-seen 2016 drama “Mr. Church.” in which he played a family caretaker.
In further divine signs, “Dolemite” even allowed for Murphy’s couch belly to be required playing Moore, a middle-age man referred to as “doughy” in the film. It’s a Murphy shows off with unfettered confidence in “Dolemite.”
“After a while, you start to grow on the couch, and it’s like whoooa,” Murphy says. “Usually before a movie, I have to get my body together. But this was perfect. It’s like I went all the way Method.”
Murphy is all about the comfort, talking about his deep admiration for the period clothes, but dislike of wearing the dreaded platforms. (“They are a young man’s shoes,” he scowls.) The costume designer had a pair of sneakers custom-made for Murphy to resemble platforms.
“Still, every day I would come to Eddie and be like, ‘Here’s what the day is about,’ ” says Brewer. “And his first question was always, ‘Will you be seeing my feet?’ “
As “Dolemite” came together, Murphy became inspired to make his return to “SNL,” stoked by his brief 40th anniversary appearance, which left Murphy hungry for more at night’s end. “Then it was like, ‘Hey, everybody, it would be fun to do a sketch.’ “
“Dolemite” opened the door to a repeat visit, and Murphy says he’ll bring back his beloved “SNL” characters this time, including Gumby, Mister Robinson and Buckwheat.
President Barack Obama provided key encouragement, meeting Murphy before the star received his Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2015. Obama asked him two questions: What kind of hair rinse was he using? “And ‘When are you doing comedy again?’ ” says Murphy, stepping into Obama’s serious voice. “I was like, ‘That’s your question?’ When you go into the Oval Office and the president asks when are you doing stand-up, it’s time to do some jokes.”
Murphy is vowing a less-brash return to the stage than his R-rated ’80s routine, but still taking material from his own life.
“The last time I did stand-up, I had no kids, I had never been married and I was 27 years old,” says Murphy. “I’m 58. I have 10 kids. I’ve been married and divorced. So I have so much stuff to talk about.”
The final push is “Coming 2 America.” Of the 40 movies he has starred in, Murphy says the story of his naive African Prince Akeem attempting to pose as a regular American is the one that resonates most with his fans.
Akeem returns to America as king in the sequel, which is halfway through filming and reunites the core cast – including James Earl Jones, who just shot his scenes.
Murphy is the only one who’s really aged, he insists. “I pull this all together when I see people, but if you saw me on the couch, I would be unrecognizable,” he deadpans.
Don’t expect the comedy onslaught to continue. The former box-office juggernaut says his days of doing two or three movies a year will never happen again. It’s too much work, and he’s over it.
“I cannot imagine being an old dude and you get a call for 6 a.m. pickup,” Murphy says.
But the current spate of work will provide a strong end to a chapter in his storied career. If he’s is inspired, Murphy can take interesting projects on. Or if he wants to chill out with bad reality TV, that’s OK, too.
“I’m going to leave knowing the last things I did were really funny and successful. In the event I never got off the couch again, it’s a nice way to leave

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